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Your Strategic Partner

Strategic Planning

Creating a plan with 4 - 6 priorities that will be your organization's North Star over the next 3 years. This process will include personal interviews and focus groups to ensure there is buy-in from your key stakeholders. Your strategies for implementation will be outlined in detail to ensure your organization is set-up for success.

Maximation of Revenue

Analyze your budget to find paths to increase profit and revenue for your organization. Identify major gift prospects, develop strategies for major gift solicitations, create a major gift pipeline and cultivation cycle.

Prioritizing Goals

Create short-term goals for your organization developed to increase revenue, outline a plan to implement your goals for success with your current resources, revamp your strategic plan to meet your current needs, facilitate SWOT analysis and focus group exercises

Board Development

Facilitate board retreats, outline board responsibilities so that board members can be leveraged, develop board goals to develop board buy-in and accountability

Organizational Growth

Determine the best and most effective opportunities for growth in your organization from staff (hiring) and revenue, create a plan that enhances your resources for your organization's top priorities.

Communication Timeline

Create a communication timeline for end of year appeals, micro appeals, and annual fund appeals, leverage all possible communication mediums that are effective to your donor base, include a clear call to action so donors will give

Team Building

Work with your team to define and refine roles and responsibilities, strengthen bonds between team members, and clearly identifying team goals to work collaboratively on.

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